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“Creating is the best strategy for survival in a changing world”

Jorge Wagensberg

STEAMConf reaches its fifth edition, gathering an exceptional group of international and local creators in Barcelona, who address the world from an (A) perspective and with an integral vision that promotes STE(A)M; from the music of Sam Aaron to PERFORM’s theatre or the art of Tate, among other experiences that, on the basis of PBL (project-based learning), life experiences and assessment, accomplish an act of intense creation.

What is a creative culture and how can it be applied to the classroom? How can practical activities be used to teach problem-solving skills and technologies and at the same time reveal a student’s curiosity and creativity?

We cannot avoid closing the introduction of this edition, impregnated with innovation and cross-border creativity, with the words that conclude the book The Innovators by Walter Isaacson; “The next phase of the Digital Revolution will bring a true fusion of technology with the creative industries. This innovation will come from people who are able to link beauty to engineering, humanity to technology, and poetry to processors. In other words, it will come from the spiritual heirs of Ada Lovelace, creators who can flourish where the arts intersect with the sciences and who have a rebellious sense of wonder that opens them to the beauty of both.”

Steering Committe

Curation and Direction

SteamConf steering committe mariona ciller

Mariona Cíller

CoFounder and Creative Director at SokoTech

SokoTech co-founder. University of Illinois B.F.A, M.Sc. and Assistant Professor. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Fab Academy graduate. On 2015 co-founded SokoTech, a citizen laboratory dedicated to social innovation projects focused on the arts, science and technology. The purpose of SokoTech is to extend the use and understanding of technology, science, engineering, art and mathematics among society as a whole, without taking into account age, level of knowledge, status, capacities or gender. / @mariondita
SteamConf steering committe paca ciller

Paca Cíller

Scientific and Technological Culture Activist

She has been Director of the Communication Department of the “la Caixa” Foundation, Director of International Relations and Programs of CosmoCaixa, the Museum of Science of Barcelona and Executive Director of the European Network of Science Centers and Museums (ECSITE).

Advisory Committee

SteamConf steering committe

Jordi Albó

He is an Associate Professor at La Salle Campus Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), Director of Robotics at La Salle Almere and Innovation Manager of Social Robotics at Everis-NTT Data. He has a PhD in Mechatronic, Robotic and Automation Engineering, a Masters in Telecommunications and a degree in Electronic Engineering, all three from La Salle-Universitat Ramon Llull (Barcelona). / @jalbocanals
SteamConf steering committe

Begonya Folch

Musician, involved in the transformation of education and in the impact of art on the education of people, she is a primary and secondary school teacher, a teacher trainer and was a professor at UB’s Faculty of Teacher Training. She has also worked for the Education Department’s Innovation and Research Service, for the School Education Council of Catalonia and for the Jaume Bofill Foundation, on the Escola Nova 21 programme. In the past she has been a trainer for ICE at UAB, for the Rosa Sensat Teachers’ Association and for the Education Department. She has cooperated with ICFO’s Educators Advisory Team and formed part of the editorial committee for the journal Perspectiva Escolar. She currently works in the Area of Innovation, Programmes and Training of Barcelona’s Education Consortium, on the ‘Xarxes per al canvi’ programme (Networks for change). (#Xarxesperalcanvi) / @Begonya
SteamConf steering committe

Sergi del Moral

Maths and projects teacher at the Institut-Escola Les Vinyes and associate professor at UB and of the Master’s on Teacher Training. He is interested in transformation processes that contribute to compensating the amount of traditional materials and contents, favouring others that focus on actions, the resolution of problems and learning. His interests also focus on altering assessment methods, making them more diagnostic and less coercive, giving students a bigger role and more responsibility. / @sergidelmoral
SteamConf steering committe

Julio Pérez

Director of CESIRE, Department of Education, Generalitat de Catalunya. I am situated at the border between education and the dissemination and communication of science. I think that a good teacher is not far from being a communicator with fundamentals of didactics and his field of knowledge, high abilities of observation and empathy. I have been teaching at secondary school and the university, I have done teaching staff (initial and permanent) and I am also very comfortable working with primary school teachers (I am very respectful to children and I leave it for professionals). Defend a quality public education, which forms critical citizens, with their own criteria and able to develop autonomously in a technified society that changes very rapidly. / @pereztud
SteamConf steering committe

Coral Regí Rodríguez

A biologist by trade and an educator by vocation, she is director of the Virolai School of Barcelona. She is a member of different educational organisations —FEAEC, the School Education Council of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council. As an expert on different subjects she has participated in educational seminars and conferences. / @coralregi
SteamConf steering committe

Francesc Sabaté

Industrial electrical engineer from UPC, with over 20 years of experience in the development and management of automation projects. Advisor on production management technologies and training area at the FundacióCIM. He is passionate about technology and its dissemination and has played with LEGO for as long as he can remember. Director of the Masters Degree on Automation and Robotics at the Fundació CIM / UPC. / @FSabateD
SteamConf steering committe

Frank Sabaté

A teacher at Escola Projecte in Barcelona. He is passionate about educational programming and robotics. He is a member of the science committee for the Jaume Bofill Foundation’s Educació Demà programme and of the committee to promote the STEAM Barcelona congress. He has previously participated in the organisation of European editions of the Scratch Conference (Barcelona’13, Amsterdam’15 and Bordeaux’17). He is an advisor for the Magnet alliance between the Montessori School in Rubí and CIM UPC. He shares his knowledge during face-to-face teacher training sessions and on his YouTube channel ‘Scratch en 5 minuts’.