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SteamConf Speaker Helena Gonzalez

Helena González-Burón

Big Van Ciencia

Graduate in Biology and Biochemistry from the Universidad de Salamanca and doctor of Biomedicine from the Universitat de Barcelona. She is passionate about genes, inheritance, genetic engineering, chromosomal instability and other molecular margins. She is dedicated to disseminating science through Big Van Ciencia, an association of which she is the director and founder (2013). She is particularly interested in science education in primary schools because her ten-year-old mind connects perfectly with this type of audience.

SteamConf Speaker Oriol Marimon

Oriol Marimon

Big Van Ciencia

Doctor in Organic Chemistry and co-founder of the scientific communication group Big Van Ciencia, Scientists on Wheels. He is co-director of the R+D+I Department and director of International Projects for Big Van Ciencia. He is an author and actor of plays for scientific dissemination for all ages and has brought cutting-edge science to more than 250 000 spectators.

SteamConf Speaker Anna Cuttler

Anna Cutler


Director of Learning and Research at Tate. She has worked in cultural education for 30 years across a range of disciplines. She is known for her innovative experiments in practice and the building of new theoretical perspectives. In September 2016, she initiated Tate Exchange, a civic space aimed at building dialogue around art, society, and the urgent and complex issues facing us today.

SteamConf Speaker Monica Bello

Mónica Bello


Is a curator and art historian. Over the last 15 years she has focused on the multidisciplinary perspectives and the narratives of today’s techno-scientific culture. She is currently the curator and head of arts at CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research in Geneva. She was recently invited to be guest curator of the Audemars Piguet Art Commission for Art Basel 2018. Prior to her arrival in Geneva, among others, she held the position of artistic director of VIDA Art and Artificial Life International Awards (2010-2015) at Fundación Telefónica.

SteamConf Speaker Sebastian Martin

Sebastian Martin

Tinkering Studio

Is an educator at the Exploratorium’s Tinkering Studio in San Francisco, where visitors become deeply engaged in exploring science, art and technology through making and tinkering. Fascinated with the creative aspects of the sciences, Sebastian develops playful activities, facilitates impactful professional development workshops for educators and creates unique interactive exhibits. As a member of the Tinkering Studio, he has co-developed activities that have been re-created and adapted in many science centres, classrooms, and makerspaces. Currently he works closely with partners including the Lifelong Kindergarten group at MIT media lab, Reggio Emilia schools and the LEGO Foundation to gain a deep understanding of the best practices and latest developments in education.

SteamConf Speaker Oscar Ciuro

Òscar M. Ciuró


Is a cultural education manager who is forever mixing education, culture and new technologies. Since 2009 he has focused on the processes that surround learning, digital manufacturing and social innovation. The MakerConvent project is an innovation process that originated from the participation of Traffic Projects in two European knowledge research and transfer projects (Formalab and Declic'in The location of the project at the Sant Agustí Convent Civic Centre is no accident. Creation processes in the DIWO area, alignment with work in the local network and the technological innovation of the centre make it an ideal space.

SteamConf Speaker Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron

Sonic Pi

Is a live coder, educator and researcher. He was the lead developer of Overtone and Quil, creative coding projects for the (live) expression of sound and image. More recently he has created Sonic Pi, a Ruby-based live programming environment for creating music from code with a strong focus on education. By day he’s a researcher within the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory, by night he can be found coding beats in nightclubs.

SteamConf Speaker Carles Ceacero

Carles Ceacero

Pereanton School Granollers

Is a versatile musician and music education teacher at Pereanton School in Granollers, where he is a tutor and coordinator of LKT. Currently, he combines this task with that of ambassador for the (#STEAMCat) plan in the Maresme and Vallès Oriental regions. He is also a board member of the AEMCAT (Association of Music Teachers of Catalonia) and deeply involved in the creation of STEAM projects that arise from the needs of the music classroom.

SteamConf Speaker Gever Tulley

Gever Tulley


Is an author, speaker and computer scientist. In 2005, he founded Tinkering School, afterschool and summer programmes involving the use of real tools, materials and problems to encourage students’ love of learning, curiosity about the world, tenacity to think big and persistence to do amazing things. Most recently in 2011, Gever created Brightworks, a K-12 private school in San Francisco where students explore an idea from multiple perspectives with the help of real-world experts, tools and experiences; collaborate on projects driven by their curiosity; and share their findings with the world.

SteamConf Speaker Mackenzie Price

Mackenzie Price

Brightworks Teachers Institute

More than anything, is an explorer of the world. As a founding member of the teaching staff at Brightworks and working closely with Gever, her experiments and leadership were key to developing the implementation and refining the unique pedagogy of the school. She is the I.A.T Director of the Teachers Institute at Brightworks. Her strengths lie in her willingness to learn alongside the kids with the same excited curiosity and in her careful questioning that guides her students to new discoveries and deep learning.

SteamConf Speaker Juuso

Juuso Henrik Nieminen

Universities of Helsinki & Melbourn

Is an educational researcher and an assessment innovator from the University of Helsinki. He has taught mathematics and programming at many educational levels in Finland and currently trains future teachers in Helsinki. His research field is assessment of 21st century skills, concerning how innovative digital assessment could support the development of critical thinking and lifelong learning. Nieminen also works as a special educator, striving to build a more inclusive world through both his teaching and research. Currently, he is writing books on assessment culture in Finland and on innovative mathematics education, as well as working as a pedagogical specialist at Code School Finland. In addition, he is leading a math revolution with Math Hunger, aiming to make learning mathematics both fun and accessible for everyone. In 2018, Nieminen curated the theme “What should we learn next?” at Dare to Learn, the most innovative learning festival in Finland.

SteamConf Speaker caterina calsamiglia

Caterina Calsamiglia

Institute of Political Economy and Governance, IPEG

Research Professor at IPEG and affiliate researcher at CEPR. She obtained her PhD from the Department of Economics at Yale University in 2005. In 2014 she obtained an ERC Starting Grant to work on understanding the importance of the design of school choice procedures for the educational landscape and the devolpemnt of novel measures of non cognitive skills. Since 2011 she is a member of the Human Capital and Economic Opportunity group at the University of Chicago. She’s the scientific advisor of Escola Nova 21, an alliance of schools and other public and civil society institutions for an advanced education system. Her research focuses on public policy with an emphasis on school choice, educational policies, affirmative action and the measurement and assessment of non-cognitive skills.

SteamConf Speaker committe

Kaleb Rashad

High Tech High

Is a creative director at the Gary and Jerri-Ann Jacobs @hightechhigh, San Diego, CA. Kaleb works alongside the dreamers and doers at High Tech High’s Graduate School of Education, Stanford d.School’s School Retool, Real World Scholars, Leadership + Design, and WildFire Education. Kaleb has taught secondary mathematics and science, served as a K-12 site leader and completed a tour in the U.S Marine Corps. Kaleb holds a BA in Human Development, two master’s degrees, and a PhD in Educational Leadership. He is the co-founder of Unlocked, Inc., a San Diego-based non-profit design organisation.

SteamConf Speaker Sergi del Moral

Sergi del Moral

Institut-Escola Les Vinyes of Castellbisbal and BetaCamp

Is interested in the processes of transformation that contribute to a more amiable and natural relationship between knowledge and learning. This has led him to explore how to compensate for the weight of materials and static knowledge in favour of approaches that are more focused on action, production, creation, problem solving, teamwork and learning for real life situations. He’s also interested in everything that makes assessment more of a diagnostic rather than coercive process, as well as in the classroom and community dynamics that promote autonomy, initiative and responsibility among the boys and girls. He is currently part of the teaching and management team of the Institut-Escola Les Vinyes de Castellbisbal and also forms part of the team that promotes BetaCamp, a highly rewarding peer learning experience.

SteamConf Speaker committe

Eduard Vallory

Escola Nova 21

He is a social analyst and change manager. He chairs the UNESCO Center of Catalonia, directs Escola Nova 21 and promotes a university program to improve the professional development of teachers, commissioned by the Generalitat. He has been visiting scholar of the Department of Sociology of the New York University, after having directed the Barcelona Graduate School of Economics. He holds a Ph.D. in Political Science, a Master's in Social Sciences, a diploma in Business Management and a degree in Philosophy and Journalism. He was a research fellow at the Fitzwilliam College of the University of Cambridge, where he carried out research on education in global citizenship and the global scouting movement, published in Catalan by Proa (2010) and in English by Palgrave Macmillan (2012). He was chief of staff of the Minister of Universities, Research and Information Society of the Generalitat de Catalunya, Andreu Mas-Colell.